Personal accounts

Developers’ reports

D'Andrade project

Developers: Sandra & Christopher D’Andrade
Place: Aitrach
Architect: D’Andrade
Year of construction: 2006
Type of property: Residential house
Number of square metres: 162
Storeys: 2
Façade: Wooden façade, larch natural finish
Extras/ Miscellaneous: Plus energy house with geothermal pump and 50 m² PV system

 “We were expecting the indoor climate in our MHM house to be pleasant – this was one of the reasons for us building the house with MHM. But we were surprised that we only use about half of the energy forecasted for our heat pump. This means that our PV system is paying for itself even faster. It’s great that we produce more energy than we need and we didn’t even build a passive energy house.”


Wetzler project

 Developers: Daniela & Tobias Wetzler
Place: Erkheim
Year of construction: 2007
Type of property: Residential house
Number of square metres: 148
Storeys: 2
Façade: Plastered
Extras/ miscellaneous: KFW 70, air heat pump

 “It’s actually a shame that we took so long to make up our minds to build our house with MHM. Otherwise, we could have moved in much earlier. Thanks to the short construction time, everything went really quickly. The only negative point with our new house is that we have to leave it in the mornings to go to work!”

Unterbrugger project

Developer: Stephan Unterbrugger
Place: Dellach/ Kärnten
Year of construction: 2009
Type of property: Residential house/ commercial property
Number of square metres: 341
Storeys: 3
Façade: Wooden façade attic and upper storey, plaster on the ground floor
Extras/ miscellaneous: Plus energy house

 “It isn’t always easy to achieve the energy standards here in Austria. And a super-tight house with wooden framing was out of the question for me.  The entire planning was originally oriented to brick and polystyrene insulation which is usual in this area. Fortunately, I came across MHM at the trade fair in Klagenfurt. The solid wood walls and the simple design appealed to me straight away, because there isn’t a lot that can really go wrong at all. The MHM team in Germany gave me advice as regards energy calculation and together we established the most favourable design in order to fulfil the demands here in Kärnten They were also constantly to hand during the planning and construction stages. Thus, I didn’t experience any unpleasant surprises as far as the construction costs were concerned. It all worked out cheaper than originally planned and my tenants are fully satisfied. What else could you ask for?”


Angerer project


Developer: Karl Angerer
Year of construction: 2005
Type of property: residential house
Number of square metres: 125
Storeys: 1 1/2
Façade: Plastered
Extras/ miscellaneous: KFW 55

 “When my son came up with the “mad” idea to build a timber house, I initially threatened that I would not give him the financial support which I had originally promised. This sort of madness doesn’t exist in our family and he could forget about the eco stuff. Thank goodness my wife was able to assert herself and insist that our son be allowed to do as he wished. Although it is difficult to own up to ones mistakes, the modern stuff has its advantages and I enjoy being in my son’s house more than in my own home. It’s a good job that we visit our grandchildren so often.”