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An overview of our services

  • Building Material

    Solid timber wall construction material - MHM

    Ecological. Warm. Regional.

    The innovative construction material MHM has many advantages: Timber is a renewable, regional and healthy construction material. Pure solid wood without glue, chemistry and foils creates a self-regulating, warm living atmosphere. Money can be saved with the insulation value. For this creative construction material no tree has to be cut especially!
    Learn more about our solid wood wall system “Massivholzmauer” ...

  • PHE

    Solid timber ceiling construction material - PHE

    Strong. Versatile. Inexpensive.

    The profiled wood elements have been especially designed for the standards of roofs and storey ceilings. Thanks to their variable length and thickness they can be easily adapted to the conditions of your ground plan. With their manifold application, PHE are also a slim alternative as a partition wall for rooms and buildings, as a hall or stable construction element.
    Learn more about the profiled wood elements...

  • Developers

    For developers

    Homely. Individual. Healthy.

    With MHM you can build your own comfortable house. Whether stylish, cosy or practical – you will be able to design the house in any way you wish with MHM. This is the future of building: A natural, healthy living climate and a positive energy balance are the main arguments in favour of this solid construction material, whether you are planning your own cosy home or an elaborate commercial property.
    Read more information for developers here...

  • Planners/Timber builders

    For planners and timber builders

    Flexible. Innovative. Straightforward handling.

    MHM® material and profile timber elements are the new stars among construction materials. They have managed to convince architects, planners and timber builders due to their simple construction style, statical testing by means of software, precisely scheduled delivery and extremely short construction times. Make the most of the demand for ecological construction materials as well as the freedom to plan as you wish and become a trendsetter in resource efficiency and design.
    You can find detailed technical information here...

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The MHM construction material

Pure wood
Solid and safe
Recycling value
Eligible construction
Positive energy balance
Individual floor plan
Flexible interior finishing
Comfortable interior atmosphere
Exact manufacturing
Quick to erect