Each investment must depreciate over an appropriate period, the use of manpower and know-how should not be too great, and the necessary materials must be affordable and available over the long term. All of this is true of the Massiv-Holz-Mauer®.

Viewed over a depreciation period of 5 years, it is worth making an investment in the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® production system from a volume of approx. 20 houses per year. With the cost-effectiveness calculator, you can use your own operating figures to see the benefit that could deliver for your company.

Basic Massiv-Holz-Mauer data


Depending on the size of an existing shop or the possibilities for constructing a new one, there are various options for installing a Massiv-Holz-Mauer® production line to suit your needs.

The layouts Standard, Corner Setup and Opposite are also available to download here.