Living with MHM

Living with MHM

 Cosy indoor climate right from the first day

Immediate, dry, cosy living

Dried wood and the total absence of glue and mortar give a Massiv-Holz-Mauer® house a dry, cosy indoor atmosphere straight away. (As a comparison, a brick wall needs roughly 373 days to dry out on account of the high water content in the mortar; a concrete wall actually takes 1599 days.)*  Due to this type of construction which allows vapour to circulate and the use of wood which is already dry, the danger of mould forming which can then damage walls and endanger the health of inhabitants can be avoided.

Insulation can save money

The MHM system stands out due to its favourably high insulation value. By the time you receive your first heating bill, you will be positively surprised.  This is caused by MHM’s unique construction method: The boards are given rabbet joints and are profiled with many small grooves which form an air cushion. These standing layers of air give the MHM wall elements insulation values which are roughly 30% better than with pure solid Wood.

Wood is an optimal heat storer

In addition to good insulation, the solid construction of Massiv-Holz-Mauer® and the resulting large mass of wood is a larger heat storer than in other construction systems. The thermal conductivity of wood is very low. Therefore, the surface warms up quickly. As soon as you are near the walls, you can sense the cosy feeling.
When the temperature drops, for example at night, the high heat storage means that only the air in the room needs to be heated the following day and not the walls

Relaxed airing and heating

You can heat and air the rooms in the normal way. You will notice that the indoor humidity does not fluctuate as much as with conventional brick or concrete buildings because wood absorbs moisture in a flexible way and releases it again step by step. You moisten the very dry air in winter as is the case with all other construction materials too – green plants or a small bowl of water placed on the heating are useful here.

Pnproblematic demolition

As a developer with foreseight, you are aware that at some point even the most resistant house will have had its day and will have to be demolished. The ecologically manufactured Massiv-Holz-Mauer® can be recycled without any problems and can be recuperated directly. Thus, the elements in the form of wood chips can be used by future generations as a CO2 neutral fuel.  An average house with roughly 100 m³ of wood could then replace about 30,500 litres of heating oil. This would cover the present requirements of a family for 34 years.***
In view of ever-increasing take-back obligations for every type of product, this matter is playing a more and more significant role. And it is a good example for real recycling management.


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