Your way to a MHM house

Your way to a MHM house

Consultation, planning, construction

Construction planning with architects / planners / timber builders

Are you looking for an architect or carpenter in your area with whom you can discuss your construction plans? The choice of an architect or a carpenter’s workshop is the foundation of a successful construction project. Everyone has to be on the right wavelength and the favourable price-performance ratio naturally has to be right too.

In this stage of construction planning, you have to establish individually what your house will be like, how the room layout will look and where each installation should be planned. What sort of façade would you like, which materials for the finishings? Do you want to carry out some of the work yourself? Good expert consultation takes place at the start of your MHM® dream house. Our sales partners’ teams or countless architects and specialist planners are available to help you.

Generally, any carpentry can use MHM®, but we have also compiled a list of countless MHM manufacturers and planners which we would be pleased to send you by email.

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