MHM production line

MHM production line

This is how you as a specialist company can work with the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® production line

In “Wallmaster”, the separate boards are now joined together to form one wall element with the desired thickness. During this process, the machine can automatically recognise the width of the boards, can set them down exactly and also place the aluminium pins into the board intersections so accurately that the optimal degree of stability is ensured.

Wandmaster and the portal processing unit are normally aligned. If there is no room for this sort of solution, it is possible to work at an angle and to rotate the panels using a swivelling device.

The last stage is to refine the raw wall panels into ready-to-assemble wall elements. In the PBA portal processing unit, all the raw wall elements are first of all fined down in order to create an even surface that can be processed easily. The walls are then formatted with a 5-axle circular saw. The five axes of the tool make it possible for each type of slant to be cut quickly, accurately and relatively simply and also - without any additional costs – to transform developers’ architectural ideas. Chain saws are used to cut out doors and windows and to mill ducts for electric wiring/ sanitary piping.

In order to make further optimal use of the PBA’s potential, the portal can be regulated to a width of 9920 mm and the length of the machine can be set to any length required. Using this newly developed tool changer means that the 5-axle processing can be used with various saw, drill and milling tools. You can see here the special computer controlled MHM production line which manufactures solid wooden walls:




If you are interested in purchasing a MHM production plant, please look at the website of our parent company, Hans Hundegger AG in Hawangen which manufactures and sells the plants.