Ecological construction and healthy living with MHM wall

Why you should live and work more healthily with the solid timber wall

The MHM® wall consists of untreated wood through and through. Due to the fact that no glue, plastic film or other chemicals are used at all, no foreign matter or solvents which could be hazardous to human health are released.
Glue and plastic film are never really permeable, the natural route of moisture in wood is disturbed which means that the indoor climate is affected in a negative way. This can be avoided by MHM® wall‘s completely open design.

People with allergies will particularly feel the difference and all other residents will also notice the healthy indoor climate of solid wooden walls.
The danger of mould growth and the consequent hazard to the health of inhabitants is avoided as early as in the shell construction stage by the permeable design and by using wood which is a dry building material.
A further plus point is the self-regulating indoor climate of solid wooden houses. The walls and ceilings “breathe” with the MHM® wall because they are constructed in a permeable way and can therefore absorb vaporous humidity, store it and release it again. This characteristic has a positive effect on the inside air humidity and balances out fluctuations, so there is relatively uniform humidity depending on the season.

Wood’s natural inertia and its large mass shield off high-frequency waves effectively. The house therefore constitutes a natural protection zone, for example from mobile phone signals.