About us

Everything we do comes from our passion for the natural material wood

Our philosophy: Wood is the raw material of the future
Wood is unique, since it never stops renewing itself. If wood does not rot, but is used for long-term projects, carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere. Thus, in the wood mass of one house made of Massiv-Holz-Mauer®, an average of 85 tonnes of carbon dioxide is transformed into oxygen and carbon and the carbon is integrated into the biomass. This corresponds to the quantity of CO2, which is emitted from 52 average cars per year.

Consequently, wood is the only construction material which influences our climate conditions in a sustained and positive way. The manufacture of Massiv-Holz-Mauer® and its entire working life fulfill the criteria of sustainability.

The importance of forests as valuable eco-systems for preserving the natural living environment of humanity is indisputable. Their role in reducing the greenhouse effect is acknowledged and has been ratified in the Kyoto protocol.

The necessity of using wood in a way that is sustainable, compatible with nature and diverse is apparent: 3.3 billion m³ of wood is used each year worldwide. About half of this is irreplaceable fuel, above all in developing countries. The other half is predominantly used in the form of high-quality products for building and living as well as raw material for paper. Wood is therefore indispensable as a renewable raw material, construction material and a tool as well as an energy source.

If we look at the large variety of wood types and wood products and their technical and creative qualities and add the key words, for example, roof structures, books, violins, toys – the role of wood as a cultural element yesterday, today and tomorrow has become more and more important. The excellent ecological profile of wood makes it viable for the future.

The natural material wood from the most environmentally-friendly factory in the world stores carbon and energy, substitutes the materials which promote the greenhouse effect, respects fosil resources and fulfils the demands of intelligent recycling management.

This is why we believe in wood.